Coming Up On Habeas Quaestus

Hello comrades, friends, and readers!

With over 2000 views, this blog has gotten bigger than I anticipated and that is largely from many of you sharing it on Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter so thank you for that! For the first time in my life I stumbled on a conversation where my work was being referenced and it was really special. I’ve also gotten lots of donations which is incredibly flattering and has kept the lights on in my 6.5 x 20 foot room (NYC amirite?).

Those who know me IRL know that I’m doing finals right now and then immediately starting my summer employment a few days after (because I despise down time, which my therapist says is very “not Marxist” of me). I’m going to be super busy this summer with some family and personal stuff, National Lawyers Guild stuff, and lots of pieces for this blog! Let me give you some previews:

– I know some of y’all probably thought it wasn’t going to happen, but I do plan on wrapping up both my series on Dodd-Frank and my series on prison abolition. Aside from my response to Dean Spade, these have been my most popular pieces and I am really excited by the interest in both, and hope that some of these facts can make their way into the various campaigns and movements around these issues.

– I am going to write a piece comparing and contrasting the US legal definition of what emotional harms are considered valid versus socio-political concepts like trigger warnings and post-traumatic stress disorder.
– I’ve got a piece in the works on duty. There will be lots of shameless Lenin fangirling.
– There are a few CFPB rules currently in the pipeline, and the two I am most interested in are on payday loans and mandatory arbitration clauses. If you just can’t wait for my take on these, I highly recommend checking out New Economy Project and #StopTheDebtTrap

Also if you want me to write on anything, feel free to ask!

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