If Antifa Doesn’t Kill the Constitution, These Republicans Definitely Will

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I have emerged from bar study to write a quick post inspired by a bit of legislative news my boyfriend sent me. This dispatch from hell world, called the Unmasking Antifa Act, may at first seem an incredibly alarming setback after the J20 victory. But while the bluster of this Act may turn into something truly horrifying deep in the recesses of the House Judiciary Committee (I highly doubt it given all the other contentious issues), at this point it is a bit of a chuckle in an otherwise dismal news cycle. The reason is pretty straightforward: it is mindbogglingly unconstitutional. Totally unconstitutional. So incredibly unconstitutional that even in the age of President Swiss Cheese Brain it is impossible to take seriously. Let’s dive in.

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Disrupt Disrupt Disrupt

qetcymgfltqvjje-800x450-nopadMy last post was really me processing what had happened, a necessary evaluation and freak out to move past the initial emotional impact of our country moving closer to fascism than it ever has before. I’ve been obsessively looking to Germany from 1914-1933, and particularly the promise but ultimately tragedy of Rosa Luxemburg. But we are not quite in the same situation as Germany: there are also elements of Russia on the cusp of the October Revolution, the Southern United States during the 1960’s, and apartheid South Africa also during the 1960’s.

January 20th General Strike

This afternoon, in part prompted by calls from Kshama Sawant and other US Leftists last night during protests, there has been a call for a general strike on January 20th. This is the only response adequate for this political moment. The hegemony and its media depict the elections, and particularly the presidential election, as some statement by the population. As such I heard a lot of people saying that their “faith in humanity” was seriously effected. To restore that faith, we need mass action to show not only that there are millions of people opposed to Trump but that they’re so opposed they’re willing to take to the streets and make major sacrifices.

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