The X, Y, Z’s of Monopoly: Why Alphabet Is (Still) Dangerous

Press Club Luncheon With AOL's Tim Armstrong And Arianna Huffington
AOL CEO Tim Armstrong and Huffington Post co-founder / white feminist idol Arianna Huffington (yes, she named it after herself)

Back in February I reported on the first quarterly earnings that Google submitted as its new conglomerate Alphabet. In that piece I broke down how Leftists should be very concerned about this new conglomerate’s ability to avoid traditional means of breaking up monopolies and its rise as the leader of technological innovation, second only to the US government itself.

There have been two important developments since then that are worth addressing. First, that the European Union has brought a second antitrust charge against Google. Second, that the Morning Star of the internet Yahoo has been bought by internet service provider Verizon.

Monopoly is a tricky subject when it comes to Marxists, and exposes a major divide between its political leaders and its economists.

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